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The triatlón is governed by the Rules of Competition of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, their knowledge being mandatory for all participants. Only the use of mountain bikes is allowed for the Sprint competition


  • The participant has the obligation to know and respect the Rules of Competitions, as well as the rules of circulation and the instructions of those responsible for the event.
  • The participant has the obligation to be respectful with the rest of the people. Any aggression, both verbal and physical, towards officers, organization personnel, other athletes or public present, will mean the elimination of competition.
  • The participant is responsible for his own team and must use, unmodified, all bibs and identification elements provided by the Organization.
  • Participants will not be able to compete with a naked torso, except in the swimming segment.
  • At all times the participant is obliged to respect the environment of the area where the competition is held, not abandoning or throwing objects, or acting aggressively against the environment. Failure to do so results in disqualification from the competition.
  • The total time of each participant is the one that counts from the moment of giving the exit until the goal line is completely transferred, when finishing the last segment.
  • External aid is not allowed in the competition, except for the one provided by the organization, and the triathlete must carry everything he needs (water on the bike, replacement for any punctures, etc.). Neither should be accompanied in the circuits by people outside the organization (friends, etc.)
  • Mountain bikes are only allowed in the SPRINT distance competition.
  • The test is governed by the Rules of Competition of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, their knowledge being mandatory for all participants.


  • All participants must pass the control of material before the competition and identify properly with a supporting bracelet that will be facilitated in the collection of bibs. Each participant may use exclusively the space marked with his number, as well as the corridors of access and exit of the same.
  • In the transition area, you can not ride a bicycle.
  • The use of neoprene suit can be, allowed or prohibited, depending on the distance (in meters) and the water temperature (in ºC). For the time of the year, it is almost probable that the use of the suit is allowed, but it will not be obligatory, being the Technical Delegate of the competition that informs the day of the test.
  • Triathletes 50 and older are allowed to participate in the neoprene suit regardless of the water temperature.
  • The hat provided by the organization must be used and the paper number in this segment is not allowed to be carried. It must be placed after the exit of the water in the transition area.
  • In the swimming segment it is prohibited to use external elements such as shovels, fins, booties, etc.
  • The use of rigid hull correctly fastened, is mandatory from before taking the bike until after leaving it in the zone of transition. This includes, therefore, the entire cycling segment and the cycling routes in transit areas.
  • It allows the use of road, mountain or ride bikes, with brakes and systems that affect safety in perfect condition. It is forbidden to use time trial bicycles with couplings and «fixie» bicycles.
  • In competitions where the foot race segment is a circuit with several laps, it is the responsibility of the athlete to count the laps that he takes and to know the distance he has to go.