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[vc_row][vc_column][trx_section][vc_column_text]FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ`S)

  • Do I have to be federated to participate?
    • No, you can sign up as non-federated.
  • How can I register?
    • You have to click on the INSCRIPTIONS button, choose the mode, which varies according to distance, sex and if you are federated or not, by clicking on the corresponding red button of CONTINUE. From there, you must follow the instructions of the computer system, being able to make more inscriptions before making the total payment.
  • How can a foreigner register?
    • You only have to register normally by filling in the DNI field with your NIE.
  • Is it possible to pay the registration with another means of payment other than through a card?
    • The only way to make the payment of the registration is through the platform of secure payment by credit card or debit card
  • What bike can I use?
    • In the competition of Olympic distance only the road bike of traditional format is allowed. In distance sprint, the road is allowed.
  • What do I have to leave in the wardrobe?
    • At least the clothes necessary to cover you after the competition and everything you want.
  • Will they give me water during the race?
    • Only in the foot race segment. For the rest you will have to carry your own supplies in the bicycle drum and leave it in your basket or on the bike itself in the transition area. After completion of the test, there will be supplies in the recovery area.
  • What classifications and awards will there be?
    • The classifications will be by modality and sex, that is to say:
      Olympic male and female; In the categories Absolute, Junior, Sub23, Veteran 1, Veteran 2 and Veteran 3
      Male and female Sprint; In the categories Absolute, Cadet, Junior, Sub23, Veteran 1, Veteran 2 and Veteran 3
  • When do I pick up the material at the end of the competition?
    • It will announce by public address the collection of material from the transition area and the officials will indicate when and where to take it. The clothes of the wardrobe you can pick up presenting the dorsal just after finishing.
  • Where do I have to put the chip?
    • In the left ankle.
  • If I have my own chip, can I participate with it?
    • Yes; But we will inform you in advance.
  • What material do I have to bring to start the competition?
    • You have to go with the swimsuit, the hat, the glasses and the chip. You have already left your prepared material in the transition area and your backpack in the wardrobe.
  • Can I leave anything I want in the transition area?
    • Only what you are going to use in the competition. The rest you can leave in the wardrobe.
  • What material do I have to leave in the transition area?
    • You have to leave the shoes, the helmet, the shirt, the rubber with the number, the clothes and accessories that you are going to put to ride in bicycle, and all the clothes and complements that you are going to use also in the foot race (other Sneakers, cap, glasses, etc.). You have to leave it inside your basket.
  • Where do I have to wear the bicycle and helmet sticker?
    • The stickers of the helmet you have to paste them in the center and in the right and left sides of this one. The bike sticker you have to hit the seat post (saddle bar).
  • Where do I have to wear my dorsal breast?
    • This dorsal you only have to carry in the cycling sector and in the race on foot. You have to put it in a rubber band with two safety pins in the two upper corners of this one. The rubber will have to be worn around the body so that the dorsal is visible in the lower part of the back during the cycle segment and in the chest during the foot race. During the swimming segment, the rubber with the dorsal will have to leave it in the transition area (inside the basket or hanging from the bike). Remember to bring your own rubber and two safety pins (use any haberdashery or a carrier)
  • How long do I have to arrive?
    • At least one hour and a half before the start of the test, to have time to collect the bibs and prepare your material. Also, you have to keep in mind that the streets will already be cut and you will have to anticipate walking or leaving the car quite far.
  • Where do I have to collect the ridges?
    • In the lobby tent you will be given all the material.
  • What will the organization give me?
    • A chest top with two safety pins, three helmet stickers, a bicycle sticker and a wardrobe sticker, a swimming cap and the chip (if you do not own it).
  • Can I use fins or pull-boy in swimming?
    • No
  • Can I wear a neoprene suit?
    • According to regulations, the use of neoprene is allowed unless the water temperature is above 22 ° C, in which case it would be prohibited. Participants age 50 or older may use neoprene regardless of water temperature.
  • Is the helmet compulsory?
    • If you do not wear it you will not be able to participate.
  • What material do I have to bring?
    • You have to take your bicycle, your running shoes, and your bike helmet.
  • Where can I check if I am enrolled?
    • By clicking on the REGISTRY button and searching by any of the fields.

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